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stovariste;46866 wrote: regarding green tea, or teas in general… I’ve read >> here << in forum that its not correct that teas contain mold, since boiled water flushes it all out. So, there is huge list of allowed teas including green tea.
c/p from the link:
Green Tea – keeps free radicals under control, reduces risk of cancer, and helps prevent heart disease.
My cheat is at least one Turkish cafe daily. how does it look?
But I don’t recommend it, since in beginning I could feel and hear sounds from my stomach while it was digesting :-). Now I am far away from begging, and pretty much near (and I am actually) introduction of the food, and its not bothering me at the moment.

The choice of teas on the strict diet is not about the negatives of specific teas (this goes for some of the foods on the diet as well). What the choice is about are the many positive factors that a specific tea contributes to a Candida diet and protocol. That’s why Nettle Leaf tea is the
first choice of tea for the diet and protocol.

I’ve posted this on the forum before, but here it is again.

*Like most good herbal teas, Nettle leaf is an antioxidant which is important during a Candida infestation and treatment.

*It strengthens the kidneys.

*Supports the adrenals, the liver, and the thyroid.

*Reduces menstrual cramping.

*It’s recommended for prostate health.

*Reduces uric acid levels.

There are other benefits, but the main reason I chose it for the protocol (along with all the other reasons) is because so many people on the diet require higher-than-normal doses of molybdenum and sometimes long term use of it, and this has a tendency to sometimes reduce the copper levels. In these circumstances, Nettle Leaf helps to protect the copper levels.