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I understand the weight loss issue. I lost ten pounds (dropped down to 106) and gained almost all of it back. This occurred in a matter of 4 weeks… I ate extremely healthy before starting the diet so when I added back oat bran and whole fat kefir I ballooned. I have not put the dumpling recipe on the forum yet. My boyfriend hated it and it’s not the “standard” Jamaican dumpling so it may not be appealing to other people. I am going to try to make the dumplings with rice bran when I introduce that. If the taste improves then I’ll change the recipe and post it. I have not made bread yet.

Unfortunately my die-off went crazy yesterday and today: bloating, gas, more bloating. 🙁 Or maybe it was because I ate flax and sesame seeds… (so much for my fealty to the diet) but I have vowed to take things a lot slower.

What foods do you eat? Do you eat enough vegetable variety? I find gaining weight is easier with lots of eggs (6 throughout the day for me) and oils added to my meals.

You seem so sweet! It’s nice to collaborate with friendly people here and, yes, Able is invaluable. 😀