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The only things I come to see as factors for getting this is a dominance of the th2 immuneregulation by other causes. This can be done by mercury: There by giving the host an incomplete immunerespons vs. yeasts. Tests on mice with th2 dominance show lacking capabilities against protozoa and yeasts.

Many people suffering from this had a lot of stress throughout their lives too, but I don’t know what the relation is here, since c. albicans overgrowth gives loads of stress on it’s own and it’s hard to tell if the patient had yeast problems all the time during the stressful lifespan.

Factors like antibiotics, the pill, fastfood, lifestyle etc. can’t be main causes unless there is an allergic reaction from use of antibiotics making room for more yeasts to come in contact with the immunesystem. ( ). But again, evidence is lacking, there is no way to tell clearly if all this havoc is caused by an allergic reaction against yeasts. Then again, people tend to not get better when they are exposed to fungi in homes, beer or other wise. Tests with engineered s. cerevisiae (bakers yeast) has shown to desensitize patients with this yeast problems and “yeast allergies”.

..just my humble 50 cents 🙂