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Hi all,
I am going to comment this thread in spite I have done it several times in the pass with similar posts. I understand that there are new guys joining the forum and many of them want information about it.

Why I began doing enemas ??

I am a long time candida sufferer (since 2008) that couldn’t find a solution in spite of doing very strict and aggressive protocols. I have used all I know including Rx drug combinations, all naturals, several diets, many probiotics and prebiotics, and supplements. The list is huge if I try to post it. To give an idea ( I have mentioned it several times ) There was a moment where I followed a very restrictive diet and took Fluconazole 200mg, Lamisil 250mg, oral Amp B 500mg , Nystatin powder , SF-722, Lufenuron, and Lactoferrin plus other supplements at the same time for 3 months. I did not get the results I was expecting.

The reason is my overgrowth was terrible and candida growth in the colon more than any other intestinal part. All the supplements I took have limitations and were taken orally. They didn’t reach the colon in enough concentration to target the fungal colonies. This is simple and logic.

After that, digging in the Curezone archives, I found posts from long time candida sufferers that did enemas and found a solution. They were serious sick people like me. Moreover, I have read candida books where the Nystatin enemas are mentioned and the colon as the main growing point for candida.

Then, I decided to go the shorter way to target the colon. I realized that cleaning the colon with several water enemas, I will exposure the intestinal wall to the Nystatin solution delivering the poison on the candida lives.

Most of the histories I read in Curezone were done with water alone, and they got results.

As far as an enema protocol, I don’t have any but I did enemas every day and every other day in different periods. I still do some but time to time.
There is nothing special with it. I have used 2 enema fleet bottles and do several rounds with water ( sometimes with some sea salt ), and the last round, a retention enema with a solution of Nystatin that I try to hold inside , at least I have urgency to evacuate it.

This is something you have to experiment yourself. I can not tell you it will give you the same results I got. Every one is different. I did it still following a diet and taking oral Nystatin.

There is nothing more I can say. Like most candida web protocols enemas are experimental. There are also risks ( probably more than doing enemas ) when you take GSE, Allicin, Oil of Oregano, etc. Those substances are hard for the liver and have contamination. There aren’t controlled trials using them for anything. Poison comes from nature !! They also are powerful antibiotics that are your main enemy.