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nikki wrote: Even I want some suggestions from dvjorge about this.

Do we need to be on the strict-diet which is posted on the forum here. That makes me really weak.

Will sticking to the diet mentioned on the actual website which allows carbs like brown rice etc. work while doing the enemas……

I dont want to get weak and lean and my job life style doesnt allow me to spend all the time cooking……

Hi Nikki

The regular approach for using Nystatin (without enemas) recommended by doctors is still to follow a carb and sugar restricted diet. I can’t see that the enema approach would modify that process at all. It wouldn’t make sense to take a substance to kill the Candida whilst in parallel continuing to feed the remaining yeast with a diet we know provides useful nutrients to the Candida . The best case scenario would be that it would prolong the period of time you would have to do the enemas for. As others have noted here, regular enemas have a degree of risk so your preference should be to do as few as possible to clear your candida colonies. The worst case scenario would be that you would get into a perpetual cycle of never quite getting well.