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Able900 wrote: So … exactly what type of flour are we talking about? Is it made from coconuts?

It is made out of coconuts but it is not in powder form the way any flour looks like. I posted a link to a photo so you can see what it looks like ( It is used here to prepare cookies and cakes. When I make the coconut bread per recipe here on the forum, the coconut “flour” floats at the top and all the eggs end up at the bottom.

Able900 wrote: I have no idea whether the oat bran you’re eating is the prebiotic type or not, so this may or may not be one of your problems.

If you really want to eliminate all potential problems, the butter and blueberries will have to go. This is up to you. Or are you talking about ghee instead of butter? If so, this is acceptable.

So I am confused please help me understand this. Why is only Bob’s Red Mill Oat Bran prebiotic? I thought it’s about the bran and not about who really makes it? That one might be organic and occasionally I do find organic here as well, but it’s not available all the time. It comes, sells and then I must catch it when they order again. When I found oat bran here, I posted my question if I can have it and got response that it’s fine to use. I have no reaction to it. You think that it might feed candida instead of good bacteria? From looking at it, I can tell it’s just the kind of shaved or cut out outer layer of oats, I don’t see much of the inner white stuff.

Able900 wrote: Are you saying that the buckwheat is a whole grain flour or something else? Because buckwheat isn’t a grain at all, it’s actually made by grinding the seeds of the buckwheat plant. And again, I don’t know about the oat bran flour either. I would increase the amount of buckwheat and lower the oat bran unless you know for a fact that it’s the very same thing as Bob’s Red Mill Oat Bran and not a regular supermarket type of oat bran.

Sorry I used English from translation of the word. What this means is that the outer layer of the seed is in the flour. They also sell buckwheat “bran” separately here. All flours (wheat, rye or any other type) sell here as pure (without a bran) or including a bran (also called “integral”). I know buckwheat is a seed, but they call that outer layer the same here as there is probably lack of other name for it. There is also a word “integral” which means the flour where bran was left in and not removed from the grain before creating the flour. This outer layer in buckwheat is pretty hard so you can really see it (and feel it) while eating, it’s kind of really dark almost black color (which I also see a lot in my BM as well, uhhhh). For some reason buckwheat flour is not available without the “bran” part and I am kind of sick of it getting between my teeth and chewing on it, but not gonna whine much about that…

Can you please tell me the difference between Bob’s Red Mill Oat Bran and the regular supermarket type of oat bran so I can try to figure out if this one is acceptable?

I can further reduce the oat bran, but buckwheat is so dry and tasteless (for my taste buds, I know people really like it, but I don’t, I cooked it instead of the rice and almost puked eating it and I can really eat pretty much anything, but this taste kills me for some reason). This is why I tried adding millet and/or oat bran to it. Millet worried me as I had low basal temp and other problems for a while so I stopped having it. I had like a reaction after eating it, not in terms of going to the bathroom, but elevated heartbeat, kind of skipping heart and chills etc. It spooked me so I killed it out of my diet. I was eating it successfully at the beginning of the treatment when I was on the web site’s diet, before I switched over to the strict diet here.

Able900 wrote: How long have you been on the treatment? I imagine it’s past time to increase your billions and strains both.

I am on the 20 billion one for about two months, but past month I added this second one for vag flora and about week or week and a half ago I increased that one to two per day (am and pm). My doctor prescribed the one for vag flora for a month which should be done in about a week. Not sure if I should continue taking at least one of the vag flora one and increase the 20 billion one to two per day? Or take two of both? I was also trying to decide if I should just perhaps add another probiotic with different strains and take that one while keep taking this one. There is one that has 8 strains but lower count (I left my research notes at the office so I don’t know exactly how much lower but probably in 10-15 billion). The one I am on now is the highest count I can get my hands on here. Shipping on ice oversees is just not going to work so I gave up on trying to get it. If someone visits from US I can try to get it brought to me, but I don’t have any info on it yet. Can you please advise from the different options I have?

Able900 wrote: I would stop trying to add commercial yogurt. It’s not going to play much of a role if any in your treatment, plus you’re taking homemade kefir everyday which is much more important to the treatment.

I keep looking for more nutrition and kefir doesn’t seem to give me enough. I have about 750ml per day and I am weak as if I don’t eat anything. Did you look at the amount of food I take daily? Shouldn’t that be enough not to feel so weak? Sometimes it feels as though eating eggs or throwing them over the shoulder would be the same. As if I am unable to get any nutrition out of them.

At times I think I got it all figured out, but at other times I get confused again! It’s a bit frustrating. I don’t want to seem as a whiner and I am sticking to the positive side but I do want to get better. Feeling just better than half dead is not enough for me any longer. I need to stop being so weak. I have to walk from and to my car every day, it’s like 3-4 km, and I work 8 hours and then when I get home I must care for kids which is physically and mentally tasking whether I want it or not… By the end of the day I can barely move my legs and arms, and after I put the kids to bed as soon as I sit down I fall asleep sitting.

I cannot seem to find a good balance myself so I think I need help here. I don’t mind killing blueberries from my diet (got the idea from raster for 15 blueberries – yes I count them – and since they are good for digestion decided to try having those and kill one of the lemons instead so -6 +8… left with only 2g of sugar extra). If I kill some of the other items you said (oat bran and butter, don’t have ghee here), I am left with just vegetables, buckwheat and eggs and I don’t think it’s enough of nutrition to get through my day. Butter I am using is a first class 100% natural and it has only 0.7g of carbs to 100g but 743kcal! Can you please explain why butter should be out if you don’t mind so I can evaluate it?

I know that you are always playing the safe side (which we all appreciate a lot!) and sticking to the protocol to the dot (which I would love to believe me, my nature is like this which makes me really tough manager and obedient employee), but can you help me with what I can get away with considering my situation (not tolerating moly, not having access to many of the items US residents have, having a tasking life etc.)? If it takes me longer to get rid of the beast or at least get my life in a manageable state I will have to live with it. For instance, can I get away with eating nuts if I soak and roast them to remove mold? What else can I do until I can take coconut oil. By the way, I am planing to test it while on vacation starting in about a week, but since I was reacting to that coconut flour I am not very optimistic about it. Also, this will just kill my budget so I cannot do it for long time. I do want to get better but I often must choose between better food for my kids or myself, you can imagine how tough that decision can be. It’s what brought me here in the first place as I put all my efforts into them and forgot myself.

I generally am better, 90% of my symptoms are gone so this is why I started introducing few items to get better nutrition as this weakness is really making my life difficult and this is not a candida symptom, I had fatigue but not muscle weakness ever before. Being 90% better lead me to believe that candida numbers decreased, but then I am so surprised to have so much die-off when taking antifungal foods so I started to believe that these are perhaps food reactions? But then how can I react to every single antifungal/probiotic food such as garlic, sauerkraut, spring onions, sesame (seeds or tahini), coconut flour or chips (just dried coconut, nothing added), black seed, flax seed, oregano spice, pumpkin seeds… and the list goes on). I got all of that out of my diet and it gets better for a while. I did have a plan to keep using food source antifungals first and then finish off the b….es with coconut oil and finalize it with SF722 (when I get a hold of it), but this plan is not working as I keep getting sick eating these foods, or as soon as I get better from cutting some of the food out I start having these dizzy/weakness spells where I can barely get through my day.

Please help me as no matter what I do I cannot seem to move forward! I am stuck between getting better and not being able to care for myself or kids. There has to be a way I can do this I just can’t seem to see it! Whatever I try I seem to be doing something wrong.

Thank you Able so much for your help, and I do hope you still have some patience left for me:)