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Able, do you have any wisdom to share here? Please? How long did you manage to keep to the strict, strict diet?

I was on the ‘strict, strict’ diet for over six months I believe. But it helped a great deal when I added the coconut flour recipe made with buckwheat, oat bran, and brown rice bran flour in addition to the coconut flour.

You’ve been on the diet long enough to be taking coconut oil. Is there a reason that you’re not doing so? I feel that this along with a few other additions would benefit the weakness.

Try adding the following foods to your diet very slowly over a week to ten days.
Also start eating at least six times a day. You can eat very small meals this way and hopefully keep your energy level at a more even keel. Be sure to have some of the foods below for at least four meals a day.

Coconut oil (first) After meals.

Bob’s Red Meal Oat Bran and/or buckwheat: Are you eating these yet? If not, I would add the oat bran first. If you can’t get unsweetened coconut milk, at least add about three or four teaspoonfuls to a little water and have it throughout the day.

After a while you can also add coconut flour bread if you’re not already having it. If you are having it, how many slices a day do you eat?