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Chlofloso wrote: Hi Arijana,

About the probiotic: Do you have the possibility to order something online from You need a credit card. If you order between 40 and 80 dollars, shipping to Europe is just 4 dollars (also to Bosnia, I checked it out). Since they do not ship on ice to Europe, they advise to buy a “stabilized” form of probiotics, I don’t know what that means, they have a category of those:
Stabilized probiotics
(Able, if you read this: What are stabilized probiotics and are they ok to use for those living in Europe who can’t get hold of high-strain probiotics here?)

The one I’ve ordered is Dr. Mercola Complete Probiotic which contains DDS-1. Maybe you could order a probiotic there? If you for some reason can’t, I could do it for you in our kefir-exchange-plan and send it to you.


Hi Chloe,

Thanks so much for the information! I thought that all probiotic containing DDS-1 strain must be refrigerated? This does give me hope now! I was planning to order bunch of stuff form iherb anyway so that shipping cost would be less. The paycheck cleared today (yaaaaay!) so I will be doing this in next couple of days. Thank you so much for offering to send it to me, it would probably cost much more than what will cost me to ship these to you. We will work it out somehow, don’t worry about it 🙂

Able: can you please confirm if what Chloe posted is OK? Don’t want to spend the money on probiotic and pop the capsules thinking i will be cured and might as well pop the sugar pill if they get damaged without refrigeration.