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So I spent a day in bed. Lived on home made chicken/vegetable broth for almost all day and had half of chicken leg and few leaves of cabbage, kale and piece of celery root from the soup for dinner. I also drank kefir and one hard boiled egg from the morning that I left. I only took prescribed meds and painkiller as I had a sinus headache as well.

This morning I managed to finish off oatmeal from yesterday’s breakfast and had the second hard boiled egg and am trying to have a cup of kefir. I will again take only prescribed meds until all of this calms down.

I identified three possible causes for this: sunflower seeds, coconut, dried herbs.

I did test sunflower seeds for three days and seemed not to have a reaction, but perhaps it took time to build up in my body? They are high histamine food and since I am taking Betaserc (betahistine) it could have caused a problem. Here is description of betahistine:

Betahistine has a very strong affinity as an antagonist for histamine H3 receptors and a weak affinity as an agonist for histamine H1 receptors. Betahistine seems to dilate the blood vessels within the middle ear which can relieve pressure from excess fluid and act on the smooth muscle.

Betahistine has two modes of action. Primarily, it has a direct stimulating (agonistic) effect on H1 receptors located on blood vessels in the inner ear. This gives rise to local vasodilation and increased permeability, which helps to reverse the underlying problem of endolymphatic hydrops.

In addition, betahistine has a powerful antagonistic effects at H3 receptors, and increases the levels of neurotransmitters released from the nerve endings. This is thought to have two consequences;

The increased amounts of histamine released from histaminergic nerve endings can stimulate H1 receptors, thus augmenting the direct agonistic effects of betahistine on these receptors. This explains the potent vasodilatory effects of betahistine in the inner ear, which are well documented.
It is postulated that betahistine increases the levels of neurotransmitters such as serotonin in the brainstem, which inhibits the activity of vestibular nuclei.

The symptoms resemble a lot to die-off so second cause could have been coconut. I did eat a lot of garlic as well these days so perhaps two of those combined?

And dried herbs could have mold and I have no idea what reaction to mold looks like. I did not use any or many dried herbs, had more of a bland single item food for a while to keep it simple while testing few new items. I got bored and combined few veggies (all that I have regularly by themselves) and added lots of olive oil with dried basil and parsley. I also added basil and parsley to the oil/garlic sauce for grilling my bread. I did have these before but just had a couple week break and used frozen parsley instead (FYI: since parsley goes bad relatively quickly, you can buy a bunch, chop it up and put it in plastic container and freeze, then just pull some out with a fork and put on your food, it’s almost the same as fresh).

Anyone have any ideas? Able? Raster?

Today I am planing to stay on some light food, it seems that not having food makes me better not worse in this case.

If you are reading this, thanks for “listening” to my venting and complaining.