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Able900 wrote:

Able, do you have any wisdom to share here? Please? How long did you manage to keep to the strict, strict diet?

I was on the ‘strict, strict’ diet for over six months I believe. But it helped a great deal when I added the coconut flour recipe made with buckwheat, oat bran, and brown rice bran flour in addition to the coconut flour.

You’ve been on the diet long enough to be taking coconut oil. Is there a reason that you’re not doing so? I feel that this along with a few other additions would benefit the weakness.

Try adding the following foods to your diet very slowly over a week to ten days.
Also start eating at least six times a day. You can eat very small meals this way and hopefully keep your energy level at a more even keel. Be sure to have some of the foods below for at least four meals a day.

Coconut oil (first) After meals.

Bob’s Red Meal Oat Bran and/or buckwheat: Are you eating these yet? If not, I would add the oat bran first. If you can’t get unsweetened coconut milk, at least add about three or four teaspoonfuls to a little water and have it throughout the day.

After a while you can also add coconut flour bread if you’re not already having it. If you are having it, how many slices a day do you eat?


Hi Able and thank you so much for responding. I tried coconut bread but could not tolerate it. I could never figure out if it caused a die-off or my stomach could not digest it. I have no access to a real coconut flour here, it’s more the flour used to coat Rafaello cookies, did you see it? Here is a link to a site that has a photo of it: It’s more like crumbs. I tried grinding it and it releases so much oil and it sticks so I realized it’s possible that it is giving me die-off as it still contains so much oil in it. Not sure.

I am eating oat bran, I can’t get Bob’s, but are buying something local. I cook it for breakfast several times per week, I take three to four large tablespoons and cook in water and either eat a salty version with little butter or I add 15 blueberries (per raster it contains only 8g sugar), some cinnamon and at times I would add a spoon of the coconut flour I described above.

I am grinding my own flour out of oat bran, and I purchase buckwheat flour (whole grain flour). I make a bread out of 3 cups flour (half oat bran and half buckwheat), 3 eggs, one tbsp baking powder, half tsp salt, one and half cup warm water, two tbsp olive oil. At times I will replace part of liquid for kefir or Greek yoghurt if I’m having it. I do not limit myself to how much of this bread I eat anymore. Depending on other food intake I eat about 6 to 8 slices per day. The bread lasts me 3-4 days, sometimes less if I get really hungry.

Every time I get stable and I try an antifungal food I get into die-off (or what I believe is die-off). I thought blackseed oil might bee less powerful than coconut oil (and definitely is cheaper here) so I started taking that, but if I take it two consecutive days I am ill the third day (tested twice already). So now I am taking half a teaspoon every other day after dinner. Perhaps blackseed oil is more powerful than I thought as when I take it my tongue is pink for at least two days after, like it burns all of the white stuff off (it is spicy and it does burn a bit when you take it). Coconut oil (it is cold pressed, but not marked organic, just says 100% and is the only one available here) costs me about $6 for tiny little 100ml jar. But cost aside, since I reacted so much to the coconut bread, I am worried about taking it until my infestation is more under control.

So I did start eating 5 meals a day because of my hiatic hernia (by the way, I stopped taking the pump inhibitor medicine and acid is just killing me! it starts in the morning right after I drink the warm water) but if they are not smaller meals I get digestion problems and nausea and chest pains from hernia pushing the food and acid back up.

Here is what I mostly eat:

One of the following combinations with large cup of kefir, glass of lemon water with 1000mg of C, 100mg silimarin (milk thistle), 300mcg biotin, prescription betahistine 16mg, 1 capsule prescribed probiotic for vag flora (10 to 8 – 10 to 10 of two strains Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus reuteri):
– 3 sunny side up eggs, 1-2 slices of oat bran/buckwheat bread
– 2-3 hard boiled eggs, half of oat bran oatmeal (described combinations above) made out of 3-4 large tbsp of oat bran, 1-2 slices of bread
– 2-3 egg omlette with some combination of one or more veggies (zucchini, spinach, leeks, spring onions), may or may not have bread with this.

Snack/second meal:
– second half of oat bran oatmeal
– two slices of bread with hard boiled egg or two

– 2-3 cups of cooked veggies with EVO, sea salt and 2 hard boiled eggs
– 2-3 cups of cooked veggies with EVO, sea salt and either chicken leg or half of chicken breast (I eat chicken once per week and fish once or twice per week)
– When I get bored with plain cooked veggies I will stir fry it on little bit of ginger and garlic, perhaps some onions as well or spring onions.
– 2-3 cups of mixed veggie salad with lemon, sea salt, EVO, 2 3 hard boiled eggs pr chicken if meat day

Snack/fourth meal:
– same as first snack, depends on what I ate above
– Second smaller serving of lunch menu if made a larger batch

One of the following with huge cup of kefir, glass of lemon water with 1 cal/mag/zinc (3 contain the 100% RDA – I reduced this to test if I need it since someone mentioned that zinc toxicity can cause hair loss), 100mg silimarin (milk thistle), 300mcg biotin, prescription betahistine 16mg, prescribed Ginkgo (80mg dry leaf extract), 200 IU E
– 2-3 hard boiled eggs with vegetables (raw sauerkraut with garlic and EVO or green veggies sauteed on EVO and garlic or leftover cooked veggies with just EVO and sea salt)
– fish (rainbow trout, catfish, mackarel, sardine, had 70g of tuna in olive oil only once so far) with any of the cooked veggies or mixed salad
– If having yoghurt (testing it for the third time!) I make a salad of yoghurt, spring onions and cucumber and eat it with bread and butter and hard boiled eggs (2-3), I eat the bread until full (don’t count the slices)
– veggie omlette with 2-3 eggs, bread

I save all water from cooking vegetables and use it to make a soup, I either mix in egg or oat bran/egg crumbs and add sea salt, EVO and fresh parsley. I have this soup few times per week with either lunch or dinner.

Late snack (don’t have it all the time, just when my dinner was not good enough):
– 2 slices of bread with butter

Before bedtime I have probiotics: 1 capsule prescribed probiotic for vag flora (10 to 8 – 10 to 10 of two strains Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus reuteri), 1 capsule 20 billion 5 strains (I sent you info already via PM).

I drink water all day (3-4 quarts), 1-2 cups of nettle leaf tea. Occasionally I will have a cup of camomile or rosehip/hibiscus tea when I get bored with nettle leaf and water.

I also wanted to ask about the yoghurt I keep trying to add. Here they don’t list everything as specific as in US. So I don’t really have the listing for the amount of sugar in the yoghurt I am trying to add, but it states that it contains the following in 100g of the produce: 65kcal, 3.8g protein, 5.3g carbs, 3.2g fat, 120mg calcium. There is another brand which has following info for 100g of produce: 65kcal, 3.9g protein, 5.2g carbs, 3.2 fat, 125mg calcium.

My question is that if it has 5.2g of carbs, it cannot have more sugar than that, correct? Usually I remember seeing on a produce something like 20g carbs out of which 15g sugar. Is this yoghurt OK? I think it is but I had trouble adding it in twice already and am testing it now for the third time in two months period. It seems I’m OK with it now, but just wanted to double check.

Please advise!