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Able900 wrote:
Arijana, if you’re talking about Mercola’s probiotic, then yes this would work because, even though it’s only ten strains, at least it contains Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1. If you can obtain this, I think it has a chance of making a difference for you.

Yes it was Mercola’s. Since most strains I can get locally is 8, 10 is an upgrade for me as well. I will order this one then. Hopefully they are right and it doesn’t loose much or if any without refrigeration.

Able900 wrote: If the flour contains a good bit of oil like you explained earlier, then it could very well be die-off.

When I tried grinding it in my hand grinder, nothing would fall down into the collection dish. I opened it and it was all greasy and stuck to the grinding mechanism. This is how I figured it still has much of the oil in it. Probably why I am reacting so much to it.

Able900 wrote: I guess I don’t understand the use of the coconut flour there as being sprinkled over food. It sounds like it’s being used the way chefs use powdered sugar here which gives foods such as donuts a sweeter taste. Does the flour have a sweet taste?

I cannot say it’s sweet, but it is used for baking sweet stuff exclusively. It’s like finely shredded dried coconut. I put it in my oatmeal for two reasons: energy and trying to get used to it. My mistake was that before I would have that oatmeal half in the morning and other half sometime during the day. This time I ate it all in one meal so probably when it hit my stomach the whole thing started. I’m still trying to get over it, I’m shaky, achy, just feeling like crap this morning. I need to drag myself to work somehow and don’t know how I am going to survive today.

Able900 wrote: I used to deal with this all the time as well; until I started replying, “Then you eat it.”

One cheat in four months is pretty darn near perfect, Arijana.

I have no problem turning away chocolate cake and sweets, I am a bit weak on fruit, but I turned away oranges, apples (which I really love) easily. I have no idea how I could not stay away from this strawberry. I doubt that much damage was done from one little strawberry in terms of my treatment, but having it on the same day I was testing coconut is pretty stupid from me. Now I have no idea if I am allergic to strawberry or I am having die-off. Pretty sure it’s the second, but can’t be sure.

Able900 wrote: So don’t be so hard on yourself, that’s my job.

Hahahahaha Able, that’s funny.

Thanks again for responding!

I better go and try to drag myself to work… somehow. Uhhhhh…