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Able900 wrote: The flour should be alright since it’s made from coconuts.

Yes, I believe that also, it just doesn’t make very good bread and you have to chew the little crumbs of coconut in it ha-ha. I will try to mix it in the current bread I make, I am just worried of die-off which I believe it gives me. I probably ingested a lot of coconut oil through this flour already 🙂

Able900 wrote: Arijana, I only stated that I don’t know anything about the oat meal you’re using. If you’ll read my post again you’ll see that I also added, ” I would increase the amount of buckwheat and lower the oat bran unless you know for a fact that it’s the very same thing as Bob’s Red Mill Oat Bran and not a regular supermarket type of oat bran.” Common sense will tell you that, unless your Candida symptoms have increased instead of decreasing, then it’s probably fine considering the amount you’re eating in a day’s time.

No, I did not have any symptoms return since I started eating this oat bran. My guideline is usually the stuffy nose which is the first one I get from eating Greek yoghurt and if I continue then the dry skin, eczema (?) and some other symptoms start to return.

Able900 wrote: Do either of your probiotics contain Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1? If you obtain a brand containing at least 14 strains, you won’t have to take several different brands. The options are shown on the “Probiotics” post.

I did not find any that contain DDS-1 strain. The highest strains is the 8 strain one I mentioned. I don’t have many options and the probiotics are just getting popular here so I am generally looked at very strangely when I start asking about the number of strains and the count. People here just purchase these as they are recommended by someone or in odd occasion by a doctor. If I find someone visiting from US I will ask them to bring me some good quality probiotics but I don’t know anyone planing to come any time soon. 🙁

Able900 wrote: Yes, I read your diet twice. Protein alone gives you more of a steady, longer but less noticeable energy source, whereas complex carbohydrates will give more of an immediate, shorter termed energy source. Having the two at the same meal usually provides the best results as far as an energy source is concerned. However, calories are also a source of energy. When was the last time that you noticed you had lost weight? Plus, you do an extreme amount of physical and mental work for one day. Since you’ve been on the diet this long, so you do need extra calories probably.

I lost another 2 pounds couple of weeks ago. I don’t have scale in house, never really needed it before so I weigh myself in when I go to my parent’s house. My clothes hangs like on the hanger anyway so I’m unable to tell visually anymore if I loose weight.

Able900 wrote: KCAL and US calorie counts are equal, and 100g of butter equals 3.5 ounces, which is almost half a cup of butter. Is this the amount of butter you’re having every day?

The amount of carbs has nothing to do with most food sources, neither does 100% natural.

Butter is made from the milk of an animal, normally a cow or goat, and it’s not fermented. I would have added more chicken or fish to my diet before adding butter.

Milk = lactose = sugar = food for the Candida

You stated that there’s a lot of coconut oil when you grind the coconut into flour, this would be a better choice than the butter as far as a calorie source.

But don’t lactose and/or sugar translate to carbs? so if there is only 0.7 carbs there can’t be more sugar than that? I assumed calories are coming from fat which I do desperately need. Sorry, I am a bit slow on this stuff.

I have maybe 25g daily, not more. I would have like a teaspoon in oat bran and perhaps two more on bread daily. Sometimes I will cook my eggs on a teaspoon of butter just to change the taste. I went for the cheaper EVO and I don’t like the taste of it so I suffer a bit until the bottle I purchased is empty.

I am being careful with coconut as I mentioned before that it gives me a reaction, guessing it’s die-off but not sure.

Able900 wrote: You could try nuts, be sure to watch for an increase in mucus production.

OK, will test them out. So if my cough comes back and my nose gets stuffy again I probably didn’t do a good job of removing the molds, right?

Able900 wrote: Are you talking about die-off symptoms? Coconut oil would be a great addition to your diet for calories as well as for changing the environment of your intestines.

Yes, I do believe it’s die-off. I get dizzy, nausea, aches and pains, weakness… I am getting ready to include it again but am being careful about it. I did have about tbsp in my oat bran oatmeal few times and seemed to do well on it, not too bad. The bread probably has too much of the coconut so 3-4 slices of that gets me. What I was going to do next is make a very small coconut bread with buckwehat flour and have like a slice a day and then slowly increase it.

Able900 wrote: Since this is the case, in your specific case, I would go ahead and try adding more chicken or fish to your diet. One extra every four or five days as long as you’re tolerating the extra animal protein, meaning no additional reactions or symptoms.

Right now I have chicken once per week and fish once per week, every now and then I will have fish second day if I lack creativeness or time to prepare a meal, I have sardines in olive oil and sea salt in cupboard for emergencies like this. I don’t eat them on regular basis. OK, so I will add one more meat day and perhaps one more fish day. So I would have chicken twice per week and fish twice per week and have three days eggs only. Correct?

Able900 wrote: None of those antifungals or any others whether in supplement form or food form are going to ‘finish off’ the Candida. The only thing that is capable of doing that is beneficial bacteria, that’s why it’s important to be certain that your probiotic is correct for the specific stage of your treatment and why it’s so important to have kefir every day.

I am aware that antifungals are not enough but I just meant the killing portion of the treatment. As I stated above, I don’t really have access to a good probiotic so until I do I am putting my hopes in kefir. I did keep the infestation in good control for about 10 or so years with meat/veggie diet and kefir. I was even juicing at the time but more veggies than fruit and no added sugar. Well, my immune system was stronger back then as well, but with more restricted diet and some antifungals as well as pribiotic + kefir I am hoping to be able to do this.

Able900 wrote: To sum it up.
Try to add more calories in the forms of oil, prebiotic/carb sources (*oat bran/buckwheat) and chicken or fish.

OK, I will try this. One more question. How bad would be to occasionally use sunflower oil? I noticed that my body likes it as it is greasier than olive oil. I know it is not as healthy as EVO but it would not hurt my progress much would it?

Able900 wrote: In addition, are you eating rutabaga? This is a filling food as well as an additional source of antifungal so be careful about how much you have the first time if you haven’t had it yet.

You probably don’t remember but couple of months ago I introduced rutabaga, and at first I would sprinkle some raw shredded rutabaga on my salad but one day a little larger piece broke off and I put it in my salad along with raw leeks, olive oil, oregano and don’t remember what else. I also had rutabaga 4 days in a row. It kicked off such a reaction that I was in bed for 4 days and was sure I will die. I tossed the rest of it and was to afraid to touch it again hahahaha… I am planning to get back to it at some time, but want to be more stable and not have so much die-off.

Able900 wrote: A tip for replacing the butter: You wrote that you spread the butter on your bread. Try brushing the top of a slice with at least a teaspoon of olive oil and sprinkle some different herbs over that, then reheat it in an oven. Deliciously tasteful. The herbs can be combination of such herbs as garlic, basil, oregano, paprika.

Thanks for the tip. My friend gave me his old microwave which has a grill option as well. I was getting ready to get creative with it.

Able900 wrote: One last question; how much sodium (sea salt) are you having every day?


I don’t really measure as I use a shaker more than spoon. I am trying to have more as I keep having low sodium on every blood check. I reduced salt years back because my ex husband had high blood pressure and then I got used to it so now I don’t take it well anymore. I put half a teaspoon in my three-cup bread and it’s just too salty. I do try to put more on my food in hopes to retain some of the water I am drinking. It seems as though it just goes through me. If I had to make a guess, I think I don’t really use more than half a teaspoon per day. Should I use more? Or less?

I am very grateful Able for your patience and help with this! I just don’t have much confidence in myself any longer.