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Able900 wrote:

I’m still trying to get over it, I’m shaky, achy, just feeling like crap this morning. I need to drag myself to work somehow and don’t know how I am going to survive today.

So did you get better as the day wore on? At least it’s Friday, right?


TGIF but I was supposed to work on Saturday (today) and had to call in sick. I took pain killer last night as everything hurt so bad. So far I had to do that only once, I can usually tolerate pain, but I had to take care of my kids and had difficult time moving. My legs are shifting from feeling numb as if I will loose them, to excruciating pain. I was pretty dizzy as well. My back and arms were achy as well. This morning I woke up so dizzy, nausea, 5 BM’s right after I got up, horrible noise in stomach (which started yesterday) and every muscle, joint or bone in my body is hurting. This is the second time this happened, first time after rutabaga. I did restart molybdenum last night, took 150mcg last night and another 150mcg this morning. It’s not working yet.

I don’t even know if this is die-off or not. I did have a slice of the coconut bread for dinner. Here is what I ate/took. Perhaps you can try to figure out what did it.

So I wrote out already what I had on Thursday breakfast, snacks and lunch. Dinner was 4 slices of oat bran/buckwheat bread with olive oil/garlic/basil/parsley/sea salt grilled + about half of cucumber, hard boiled egg and a large cup of kefir. Supplements/meds: cal/mag/zinc, ginko, Betaserc, vit E, milk thistle, biotin – all after dinner, both probiotics before bedtime.

– breakfast: 3 eggs sunny side up, 2 slices oat bran/buckwheat bread, large cup of kefir, supplements/meds: 1000 C, Betaserc, probiotic, cal/mag/zinc, milk thistle.
– lunch: about two cups of veggies (green beens, kale, onion, garlic with olive oil, sea salt, basil and parsley) and one hard boiled egg, broth from cooking veggies with sea salt and olive oil.
– afternoon: just cup of nettle leaf tea sometime after lunch and salt water after getting home
– dinner: two slices of oat bran/buckwheat bread and one of the coconut bread with EVO/garlic/basil/salt/parsley, one hard boiled egg, 2 cups of same veggies leftover from lunch, large cup of kefir.
supplements/meds (taken with lemon water): cal/mag/zinc, ginko, Betaserc, vit E, milk thistle, biotin, 150mcg moly, restarted Pronerve prescribed to me for nerve damage (B1, B6 and B12), paracetamol (pain/fever med), both probiotics before bedtime.

This morning: half of oat bran (3 tbspon cooked on water), salt water, half of lemon water with supplements: 1000 C, Betaserc, probiotic, Pronerve, milk thistle, 150mcg moly

Since I can’t eat anything, I am drinking broth from cooked chicken leg, kale, cabbage, potato, carrot, onion, garlic with some sea salt. I am hoping this will give me some strength, but as soon as I started drinking it, very soon the noise in stomach started and now I have this sensation like I will have to run to the bathroom again. I do have some pain/burning rectally as well. My whole body pretty much hurts and I am dizzy as hell.

Could this all be from that little coconut I had? So I had one tablespoon on Thursday afternoon and last night I had one slice of the small coconut bread I made (half of smaller loaf out of 3 eggs, perhaps 1/4 cup of coconut and 1/4 cup of buckwheat flour). Would this be a die-off or reaction? If it’s reaction I expect diarrhea but not so much body pain. I am just a wreak!

Or could there be something else wrong with me? I do have bad back, but if it’s just my back then why is it followed with the diarrhea?

I don’t think going to the doctor will do anything for me as I am marked as someone who imagined it all and last time I was this ill from that rutabaga, I went they did an EKG and blood pressure to make sure my heart was not giving out (last time I had heart palpitations as well) and in the end I got: “just eat light food such as boiled potato, carrot and chicken and everything will be fine. Come back if it does not improve in few days.” Well, it did so I didn’t go back. The difference is that last time I was not so achy. My left side extremities were going numb, but this time everything hurts as hell.

I hope not to stay in bed for 4 days like last time!