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It is made out of coconuts but it is not in powder form

The flour should be alright since it’s made from coconuts.

So I am confused please help me understand this. Why is only Bob’s Red Mill Oat Bran prebiotic? I thought it’s about the bran and not about who really makes it? That one might be organic and occasionally I do find organic here as well, but it’s not available all the time. It comes, sells and then I must catch it when they order again. When I found oat bran here, I posted my question if I can have it and got response that it’s fine to use. I have no reaction to it. You think that it might feed candida instead of good bacteria? From looking at it, I can tell it’s just the kind of shaved or cut out outer layer of oats, I don’t see much of the inner white stuff.

Arijana, I only stated that I don’t know anything about the oat meal you’re using. If you’ll read my post again you’ll see that I also added, ” I would increase the amount of buckwheat and lower the oat bran unless you know for a fact that it’s the very same thing as Bob’s Red Mill Oat Bran and not a regular supermarket type of oat bran.” Common sense will tell you that, unless your Candida symptoms have increased instead of decreasing, then it’s probably fine considering the amount you’re eating in a day’s time.

Do either of your probiotics contain Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1? If you obtain a brand containing at least 14 strains, you won’t have to take several different brands. The options are shown on the “Probiotics” post.

Did you look at the amount of food I take daily? Shouldn’t that be enough not to feel so weak?

Yes, I read your diet twice. Protein alone gives you more of a steady, longer but less noticeable energy source, whereas complex carbohydrates will give more of an immediate, shorter termed energy source. Having the two at the same meal usually provides the best results as far as an energy source is concerned. However, calories are also a source of energy. When was the last time that you noticed you had lost weight? Plus, you do an extreme amount of physical and mental work for one day. Since you’ve been on the diet this long, so you do need extra calories probably.

Butter I am using is a first class 100% natural and it has only 0.7g of carbs to 100g but 743kcal! Can you please explain why butter should be out if you don’t mind so I can evaluate it?

KCAL and US calorie counts are equal, and 100g of butter equals 3.5 ounces, which is almost half a cup of butter. Is this the amount of butter you’re having every day?

The amount of carbs has nothing to do with most food sources, neither does 100% natural.

Butter is made from the milk of an animal, normally a cow or goat, and it’s not fermented. I would have added more chicken or fish to my diet before adding butter.

Milk = lactose = sugar = food for the Candida

You stated that there’s a lot of coconut oil when you grind the coconut into flour, this would be a better choice than the butter as far as a calorie source.

For instance, can I get away with eating nuts if I soak and roast them to remove mold?

You could try nuts, be sure to watch for an increase in mucus production.

What else can I do until I can take coconut oil. By the way, I am planing to test it while on vacation starting in about a week, but since I was reacting to that coconut flour I am not very optimistic about it.

Are you talking about die-off symptoms? Coconut oil would be a great addition to your diet for calories as well as for changing the environment of your intestines.

I generally am better, 90% of my symptoms are gone

Since this is the case, in your specific case, I would go ahead and try adding more chicken or fish to your diet. One extra every four or five days as long as you’re tolerating the extra animal protein, meaning no additional reactions or symptoms.

I did have a plan to keep using food source antifungals first and then finish off the b….es with coconut oil and finalize it with SF722

None of those antifungals or any others whether in supplement form or food form are going to ‘finish off’ the Candida. The only thing that is capable of doing that is beneficial bacteria, that’s why it’s important to be certain that your probiotic is correct for the specific stage of your treatment and why it’s so important to have kefir every day.

To sum it up.
Try to add more calories in the forms of oil, prebiotic/carb sources (*oat bran/buckwheat) and chicken or fish.

In addition, are you eating rutabaga? This is a filling food as well as an additional source of antifungal so be careful about how much you have the first time if you haven’t had it yet.

A tip for replacing the butter: You wrote that you spread the butter on your bread. Try brushing the top of a slice with at least a teaspoon of olive oil and sprinkle some different herbs over that, then reheat it in an oven. Deliciously tasteful. The herbs can be combination of such herbs as garlic, basil, oregano, paprika.

One last question; how much sodium (sea salt) are you having every day?