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Able900 wrote: I was really sorry to hear about your weekend, Arijana. What a bummed out couple of days that was. And I’d really like to know what it was that caused all of that. To be honest, there is no way I can tell you as anything I would say is going to be a guess at this point.

Coconut oil can definitely cause die-off symptoms. Do you feel like you have the flu with the body aches you mentioned?

I noticed you mentioned kefir a few times; how long have you been drinking homemade kefir?

I did test sunflower seeds for three days and seemed not to have a reaction, but perhaps it took time to build up in my body? They are high histamine food and since I am taking Betaserc (betahistine) it could have caused a problem.

The sunflower seeds could definitely be a problem. What made you try to test these? I don’t think you should be trying to test any foods yet to be honest.

The broth you were having during the worst of it was a grand idea.

Let me know how things are going on Monday, if you feel like.

Hi Able,

Yes it was quite a weekend ha-ha. It did feel kind of like the flu, but also not. Usually with flu, my joints hurt more. This time my joints, muscles and bones seemed to hurt all at the same time. And it would shift so my calf muscles hurt, then the upper leg muscles would hurt, then my shoulders and arms, then all three and so on. It would also go numb at times and all these symptoms kept just switching around until they eased up. So this is why I answer yes and no. I was also very dizzy, had 5 BMs that morning (pretty runny like diarrhea), very weak, and my intestines hurt as well as upper back which kind of reminded me of kidney pain (had several kidney attacks in my younger days so I do know what that feels like). I had random itches in different places (like ears, then nose, then my foot a lot, then arms…)

Kefir I started drinking about a week after starting the diet. I told my mom I needed to get the grains again and she had them in the freezer. She pulled them out and I was drinking kefir within a week or so. I did stop for few days last time I had an episode similar to this after rutabaga, but this time I just skipped it one morning and reduced it a little bit, but did not stop.

As for sunflower seeds, at the beginning of this thread we discussed that I have such low energy and tasking life but am unable to tolerate coconut (this is why I kept trying it) and that I could test out some nuts to help with more energy. I guess I should have picked almonds or hazelnuts to test out first, but I was not aware of the histamine in sunflower seeds.

I am better, but still weak muscles and having pain in my legs most of the day. I also had elevated heartbeat in the afternoon, but it stopped after about half an hour or so. I was drinking broth most of the day, salty water after breakfast and lunch, and slowly trying to resume regular eating schedule. For breakfast I only had two hard boiled eggs with salt and a cup of kefir. I ate some chicken for lunch again as I had it from cooking the broth and I really didn’t want to cook separately for me, it was quite a task to cook for my girls. They got potato with the swiss chard and chicken, but I just had some of the chicken and allowed veggies from the soup (onions, garlic, swiss chard…) My meals are still smaller than they should but my stomach is still feeling a bit achy. Yesterday I did not have BM (even though it felt like I would, but not in a good way) and today I had one somewhat normal BM but my tummy still felt achy like I would go again. I also had cramps even though I am on day 7 of my period and I thought this is weird.

Thank you so much for your response! I hope this all goes away soon. I planned to use my vacation to reevaluate my plan and see what I can do to speed it up. Now it seems I will be able to only get over the