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I have no access to a real coconut flour here, it’s more the flour used to coat Rafaello cookies

So … exactly what type of flour are we talking about? Is it made from coconuts?

I am eating oat bran, I can’t get Bob’s, but are buying something local. I cook it for breakfast several times per week, I take three to four large tablespoons and cook in water and either eat a salty version with little butter or I add 15 blueberries (per raster it contains only 8g sugar), some cinnamon and at times I would add a spoon of the coconut flour I described above.

I have no idea whether the oat bran you’re eating is the prebiotic type or not, so this may or may not be one of your problems.

If you really want to eliminate all potential problems, the butter and blueberries will have to go. This is up to you. Or are you talking about ghee instead of butter? If so, this is acceptable.

I am grinding my own flour out of oat bran, and I purchase buckwheat flour (whole grain flour).

Are you saying that the buckwheat is a whole grain flour or something else? Because buckwheat isn’t a grain at all, it’s actually made by grinding the seeds of the buckwheat plant. And again, I don’t know about the oat bran flour either. I would increase the amount of buckwheat and lower the oat bran unless you know for a fact that it’s the very same thing as Bob’s Red Mill Oat Bran and not a regular supermarket type of oat bran.

Before bedtime I have probiotics: 1 capsule prescribed probiotic for vag flora (10 to 8 – 10 to 10 of two strains Lactobacillus rhamnosus and Lactobacillus reuteri), 1 capsule 20 billion 5 strains (I sent you info already via PM).

How long have you been on the treatment? I imagine it’s past time to increase your billions and strains both.

I also wanted to ask about the yoghurt I keep trying to add. Here they don’t list everything as specific as in US. So I don’t really have the listing for the amount of sugar in the yoghurt I am trying to add

I would stop trying to add commercial yogurt. It’s not going to play much of a role if any in your treatment, plus you’re taking homemade kefir everyday which is much more important to the treatment.