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That’s crazy, yeah my hand has been tingling kinda scaring me. But I’m assuming its the colostrum but more importantly it’s the nut bread. Palpatations suck and give me anxiety. I’m on the gaps diet. My yeast levels have all dropped in the green which is awesome, still have a coated tongue though, but a very light coat now. Allergies, sinuses much better. I cut out all grains whatsoever, eating alot of bonebroths, eggs every other day, I’m gonna add Greek yogurt again tomorrow for slowly reintroducing probiotics. I have been eating berries or an apple every other day with no ill effects and I even ate bacon last week on vacation with no ill feeling. I feel like my bloating is getting a little better. I’m gonna stop taking nystatin soon but stay on sf722 for maintenance and keep getting at this bacteria overgrowth issue. Then just continue to heal my gut and leaky gut. Sorry for rambling but I really have no one to talk to