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Me and able don’t recommend eating rice either. If you do eat rice…black rice, red rice, and wild rice are much better choices because they contain higher levels of nutrients. Eating rice everyday can set back your treatment from my experience. Also, if you replace rice with something like buckwheat (which has similar texture and flavor) you might find a greater benefit because buckwheat also is a prebiotic that feeds the beneficial bacteria of the gut. Rice contains some prebiotics but not nearly close to the same level as buckwheat. Buckwheat is only 25% starch as well. Another problem with rice is can show up undigested in your stools which means it ferments in the gut(not good).

Brown Rice is also inflammatory, contains high amounts of starch, and a little bit of sugar:

Wild rice is less inflammatory and is lower on the glycemic index:

I’d save rice for stages 2/3 when you won’t experience any setback from eating them.

We have a strict forum diet if you want to check it out; email able900 for a copy.