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jamespaul wrote:
a friend told me because im drinking over a gallon of water from a water bottle thats what is causing me to become blotted, as im drinking im also swallowing air,

Gulping water or food could potentially cause bloating, though one would think burping would accompany such as well.

I don’t know why people have bloating issues, as it’s something which got really bad for me while taking huge amounts of probiotics. Sometimes, meat can create bloating since it creates ammonia upon digestion which combined with candida created ammonia was horrible: thus I don’t eat read meat anymore nor not much meat other than fish. It took a while for the bloating to gradually lessen but, required discontinuing probiotics. I realize this isn’t a long term treatment solution since probiotics are so important to successful treatment and started taking much lower dosages this past week in a test to see if bloating happens again. BTW – oat meal/bran helped me get over that period of severe and painful bloating so not sure if they helped me or hurt me. Not that they helped treat candida but, there’s something to be said about feeling better, even if just a little.

It’s frustrating to try to not only figure out a forward path but, navigate through new symptoms like bloating along the way. Blessings to you and I would be interested in hearing back on what you think is causing your issues.

FYI – working out could stress you adrenal/thyroids while under treatment, I’d be careful about over doing it while on treatment. Any/all stress accumulates with these systems.