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i think i have started to believe that everything happens for a reason. we suffer so as to cherish the beautiful moments we lived. we need to draw some positives out from the lows the we encounter. there is a need to learn from every difficulty in life in order to become a better ,more sensible person. another aspect in viewing the problems could be “karma”. believe it or not the way you treat others, view life the same way it comes back at you.

just an example : i had a weak ENT system so, i never smoked.never even tried because i knew i wouldn’t be able to handle it. although i suffered so much throughout the years(more than 10) the positive was no drinking,smoking,drugs or any other stupid thing that teenagers would tend to do.

similarly with the current problem (candida,low immunity ,food intolerances ,scalp and skin problems,etc.)i have learnt the importance of food and diet in life. i mean i always knew about that but not in the way that i currently do.i have become more educated about life in general .

since you asked for the positives i don’t want to lay emphasis on the negatives at all. i do fell really low ,irritated,depressed sometimes because of the issues that i am suffering from but in the context of the post i guess discussing that would be irrelevant .

p.s- that video was really good. some inspirational thoughts would be helpful for me too.