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Sadly, I realized that I don’t have my house in order for my grand finale exit. My kidneys shut down in November 2012. My liver was next. It was a matter of time that the Grimm Reaper would come knocking. I spent a week in the hospital in November…very near death. After four days in the hospital, I began to come around. It was then that I realized that I wasn’t ready to cash in my chips. Within the year and a half prior to my hospital stay, I had been on 20 plus antibiotic treatments. On several occasions, I had inquired about the safety of certain antibiotics, and whether I should take probiotics with them. I was told the it wasn’t necessary. Inevitably, another UTI would ensue anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months after each treatment. I finally got fed up with how ill I had gotten, and sought alternative treatment through a doctor who practices eastern medicine. This is when I discovered that I had a majority of the classic candida symptoms.

The need to feel better is my priority so that I can ‘get my house in order’.