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Hey, what happened to this? Did anyone’s colon ever fall out?

The main thing(s) I am interested in is the intestinal lining, and introducing a powerful free radical into the system. I mean.. I’ve guinea pigged myself enough and I’ll probably go buy some tomorrow, but you have to think it out a bit right?

So follow my train of thought here. I’d like to call it logic, but that might be overly optimistic of myself..


Candida changes it’s form and has a tendency to burrow..
this can and often does result in a breakdown of mucosal lining..
this can lead to “leaky gut” for lack of any better term..
unless oxidized rapidly (meaning this stuff), whatever is in the gut could become partially systemic..

so referring to the effect on “healthy” cells could be a moot point, correct? Maybe we can talk about how the unhealthy ones are affected too?

Potential issues:

A worsening of lesions in the colon..
harsh free radicals in colon and body..

Secondary issues:

Enemas are often effective not just because they affect the colon, but it is also thought that the colon (specifically colo-rectal region) is one of the most effective pathways to the Liver, and the Lungs. SO as far as cleansing is concerned, that would make sense, especially when it comes to candida and the 80 proof it sends to my brain. The concern would come in sending a free radical to an already burdened liver. But.. see the next 2 paragraphs for why it might work..

SO.. It sounds like this is good to wipe things out, and start over.
introducing free radicals into the body does not sound like a long term plan for good health.. maybe do it, but then revert to a healthy, anti-inflammatory diet afterward.. as a pro-inflammatory diet rife in free- radicals is a recipe for imminent disaster.
cancer comes to mind first, but I can list about 38 others off the top of my head.

{I would propose working an antioxidant into the bloodstream prior to administering the enema but the timing would need to be worked out, as the Vitamin C issue (mentioned earlier) kind of made sense. I can think of a couple things to try where water solubility isn’t as much of an issue.. could be a start.}


not cleaning out the ol’ col-ster is also prone to its long list of degrading and progressive diseases.. I have one of them and I would rather kick the candida and see how much better I can get.. because my health will not allow me to be on the candida diet, it might kill me before the candida was actually gone.

I do see a few things that don’t add up with the arguments for and against.. but hey.. not many things can penetrate a biofilm, especially when it’s so far away from your


..So did anyone’s colon fall out??


This forum is awesome..