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I have to go again and will be back sunday. I will write a decent topic about this curing method after then. In the meanwhile: here is a little enema guide I wrote:

Too many people are suffering needlessly, and spending too much money on stuff that isnt working. If you choose to do this, it means that you have come to realize the real problem is in the colon, and diet and oral antifungals are not efficient in reaching this problem effectively, at least not with moderate to severe cases. Even probiotics cant do their job if the candida growth is too big. Candida is too strong in creating a beneficial environment for itself. Getting rid of that overgrowth directly will give you fast improvement.

You can buy chlorine dioxide in the form of CDS or MMS. I get it from, it ships from australia, but there are many other websites that sell it.

You can use distilled or demineralized water. You need to heat the water to lukewarm or close to body temperature to avoid cramping. MMS consists of 2 bottles: sodium chlorite solution and citric acid, if the citric solution is 50% (which is usually is) the ratio is 1 to 1 (if its 10% its 1 to 5). You need a glass to put in the drops, which will then activate with each other to create chlorine dioxide. After 2 to 3 minutes it is done and then you fill the glass with your lukewarm water, and put that in you enema bucket (I use a cheap enema kit including a litre bucket with a hose and plastic insertion thing with little valve attached) The bucket needs to be higher than your body.
The first round of the enema is about getting stuff out of the colon so the next round can reach deeper, so you can use the water without the mms in that one (or just 1 drop). I do 4 or 5 rounds with each enema procedure, upping the dose of mms with each, using a max of 250 ml with each round. MMS is potent, so you never have to put in more than 10 drops. I’d up the dose of mms slowly, to let your body get used to it. Start with 1 or 2 drops, and see how that goes. Than up the dose with 1 or 2 drops each time (each enema, not round), until you are confident its okay. Listen to your body.

Since chlorine dioxide is very fast and potent, getting it in your colon for a number of minutes is enough to get the candida colonies out.
You need to be close to the toilet at all times, so the best thing is to do the whole procedure in the bathroom. When you have everything ready, use a lubricant (coconut oil is a good one) so the insertion will be easier. Make sure the hose attached to the bucket is not filled with air but fully filled with the water before you start, air in the colon makes you bm sooner. You need to lay on your left side first. Then about a minute later you can move on your back, where you can lift your thigh to get the stuff deeper in (I put my legs against a wall), and another minute later to your right side. This has to do with the shape of the colon, and getting the stuff through the whole of it. If you cant hold in the water long enough, I have found there are some main reasons why this is:
– The water is too cold
– The water pours in too fast
– The colon wasn’t empty yet from the last round
– You used too much water at once

I’d do it every other day to give the body some rest inbetween. Your guts might get lazy. Luckily, because chlorine dioxide is potent, we dont need to do the enema’s forever. After a few rounds of enema’s you will already see and feel major improvements. Be sure to be in range of a toilet even a few hours after the enema. I advice people to take extra probiotics during the weeks of enema’s. I believe you won’t have to do them for much more than a month to be close to a cure this way. Do not take vit C around the time of the enema, it neutralizes chlorine dioxide in the blood. Also, coffee and alcohol are too inflammatory and can cause discomfort. An anti inflammatory diet is best.
Also, to counter dehydration and replenish electrolytes, I advice lemonwater with half a teaspoon of salt (per litre). Drink plenty.