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In order to assess the effects of a treatment, one should of course look at what it does to one’s body. Doing so, all possible explanations for any observed effect should be considered.

You mention only one possible explanation. If I may phrase your explanation in my words, you say that the ClO2 enema kills candida. Too strong an enema causes discomfort and soreness (observation), but you do not know why, only that those effects occur. A less strong enema kills candida, you think, resulting in you feeling worse (observation) because of die-off (your explanation). Then you feel better (observation) because much of the candida is now gone (your explanation). Then the candida returns and the cycle starts anew.

(Please correct me if my understanding of your observations and explanations is incorrect.)

However, as I said at the beginning of this reaction, your explanations are only one possibility. There are other possibilities. We should assess those too.

So, please allow me to add another possible explanation to our stock:

This other explanation is that the ClO2 enema may kill some candida, some other bad bacteria, and some good bacteria – but it also irritates your intestines. Too strong an enema therefore causes severe irritation, perhaps even “corrosion”, of the internal lining of your intestines. This causes discomfort and soreness (your observation), because the intestines are damaged (explanation).

A less strong enema causes less irritation, but your intestines are still irritated. This makes you feel worse (observation), not because of any effect on candida, but because of irritated intestines (explanation). Two days later you feel better (observation) because your intestines have recovered/healed (explanation).

Well, now we have two sets of explanations on the table, instead of just one. Perhaps there are even more sets of explanations – anyone who can think of an alternative explanation, please share it with us, so that we can add it to what’s already on the table.

After that, we may try to cooperate in finding a way to decide which of all those explanations is the best one.