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Bucephalus wrote: You have to admit Chris.
With what you say, most of what you have said, seems to be sourced from Jorge. In fact, if I read your posts without a name on it, I would have thought it was Jorge.
You can’t deny you have damaged your credibility also when you talk about a “cure”, yet you still have a white tongue.

When you do things like that, how can people believe what you say? Truly….
When you say things like, “Candida cannot exist in the small intestine”, are we to believe that too, since you have proven yourself in this thread to stretch the truth.


You dont understand. There is no magic cure to candida. What you have to consider is the extreme effectiveness of this treatment in getting rid of most of your symptoms in no time, meaning the foundation of the disease is touched enough so you can reach a cure. Attacking the fungal overgrowth is the biggest step in reaching a cure in this protocol. I have had a LOT of experience in dealing with candida, and this is the most groundbreaking thing I have done against it. It works, what else can you ask?

Credibility? I really dont care. I have no personal benefit at all in propagating this measure of curing yourself other then me wanting to share my own little knowledge, perspective and experience. I have told everyone from the start that I am not a medical professional, and I conclude all my findings on MY research and experience, which can all be very helpful. I even advice everyone to not believe as I say and do their own research. Dont project an authority figure on me and then be disappointed with that projection. And a white tongue? That is not bad at all, what about no bloating, no constipation, no food reactions, no brain fog.. My brother has a white tongue, yet he doesnt have candida overgrowth.

I said most of the candida is in the colon, not all of it, and for a reason. There might be candida in the lower part of the small intestines aswell, which is why I talked about taking it orally or combining this with some other antifungal.