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Javizy wrote: What Chris said about the small intestine holds for healthy people only. A lack of HCl, bicarbonate, digestive enzymes etc is one potential cause of GI chaos that could lead to an eventual overgrowth. Enemas obviously don’t take account of the potential underlying causes behind these issues, although that may be true of the protocol too. 

If Jorge’s theory about candida burdening the immune system is right, then you should expect some sort of results. To expect them regardless either assumes that chronic infection is some one-dimensional disease with a fixed treatment or that MMS is some kind of cure-all that transcends everything else we use to treat disease and sub-optimal health (a belief of that Jim shill).

The chlorine dioxide equipped cells do not oxidize beneficial bacteria, or healthy cells, as their pH levels are 7 or above, and hold a negative ion charge.

This seems to be the so-called research. Gram negative and gram positive bacteria both have negative charge, so how does ClO2 cleanse the air and food products so well? Healthy human intercellular pH is acidic, but I’m not sure if this changes in the GI tract, which has varying pH levels. Bacteria differ in their affinity for certain pH, so I’m sure they’re not all above 7. It tends to be the beneficial bacteria that are acidophilic. I know basically no chemistry, so I’d appreciate an explanation if Chris has critically researched the chemistry behind this and isn’t just rehashing the above quote that’s copied and pasted on all MMS propaganda sites. 

I will chime out here. You are correct. What it looks like people still don’t understand what this syndrome is. I am speaking of Candida Related Complex. It is the syndrome Dr.Truss brought to the light of the medical community and the reason most people look for answers in the forums. This syndrome is considered an iatrogenic illness caused by the same medical field. Yes, it is a syndrome of healthy people that one day took a long antibiotic round (or several), or have been treated with corticoides for some time, women pills, etc.
What I want to say is that there are other causes that promotes a fungal overgrowth such as lack of HCL, chemotherapies, heavy metal toxicity, immune defects, etc.

I don’t know until what point the fungal overgrowth can be corrected without addressing underlying factors such as those.

What I can say is most people that for any reason took a medicine that caused the yeast to growth out of control can correct it with the proper measures.

In normal people, the yeast overgrowth in the colon, and there is the main target to correct the effects of yeast toxins circulating in the body. Those yeast toxins are responsible for the symptoms we feel. It is nothing else but they ability of causing a chaos around the body. The endocrine and nervous system are the most affected.

Targeting the colon and reducing the fungal colonies, eliminate the circulating toxins and allow the immune system to balance again. Those toxins keep the immune system in a chronic Th2 mode (hyperactivity) so, it is logic you react to fumes, allergens, food, and almost anything that touch your body. You have an over-stimulated immune response to create an antibody to any extracellular offender.

The antifungal enema therapy is directed to those who need to lower the amount of yeast cells living in the colon. This therapy isn’t thought for those who need to correct, if ever possible, some other causative factors such as those mentioned.

The fact is CRC is a syndrome associated to healthy people who develop this syndrome in a iatrogenic form.

I hope this says something.