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Javizy wrote:
You said “Acidified sodium chlorite … is approved in their database to be used with direct contact in food up to 50 ppm.” This seems in contrast to the quote I posted, and could be seen as misleading.

Okay just to clarify: we dont consume 50 ppm (or even 5 ppm) because of the contact with food. It was not my intention to state that. I was explaining the use of it.

Javizy wrote:
What logic exactly? You don’t need to look far to find a million in vitro findings that didn’t align with subsequent in vivo findings. Human physiology is incredibly complicated, which is why real evidence is necessary to elucidate what works and what doesn’t.

My logic is this: chlorine dioxide has been proven to elimininate parasites, pathogens and biofilm in minutes. It is a water purifier, and the human body is mostly water. It is an oxidizer that due to its positive charge can not harm good bacteria. It has been in use for a hundred years and has no carcinogenic by products, and no toxic waste products in large enough amounts to hurt us as far as I can find. This is my view based on my research and the many, many notes of anecdotal evidence, which I choose to take very seriously, not in the least because of my own curing experiences.

Javizy wrote:
I’d consider them pretty significant side-effects and would expect to see them on the instructions of my cold syrup and in a well-balanced recommendation of MMS.

Okay, then we disagree on that one. But these side effects are well known, and are explained where the product can be purchased.

Javizy wrote:
Can you find me one in vivo experiment with a positive finding, even in animals? I remember seeing something about gas but I’d like to see what happens when it’s ingested. As I already said, I’m not writing anything off, and I haven’t criticised you for your own decisions. Some people can be too happy to use no evidence as evidence against.

Fair enough. If you want to find out, you should check out my link of the WHO. Studies have been done with ingestion is very large amounts, although it states that sometimes the studies didnt meet the standards that were required. Then you could check out the references presented aswell. I have done my own research, and people should do theirs.

Javizy wrote:
You’re presenting this in such a way that anybody who doesn’t agree with you is wrong or hasn’t done their research. That just isn’t the case. The burden of proof is on you. If people reading this want to try this protocol, it’s really their choice, but I think they deserve a fair representation of the evidence to guide their decision.

The reason why I sound like this is because of all the scary stories and misunderstandings regarding the substance. The allogations are just ridiculous and most of the negative opinions come from people who havent done any research or have never used it. It is the fear spreading from so called authorities that bothers me most, because there is no scientifically sound argument given to any of them. They make the claim, but they dont provide the evidence.
This stuff is curing people and saving lives daily, and its getting suppressed by people in power. My experiences, view, and human subjectivity therefore do not allow me to be completely objective.

Another reason is the fast improvement in my health. I have been drinking so much of this stuff for a long time with significant health improvement, and now with the enema’s the rest of my symptoms have cleared up despite being on a normal diet. I can eat icecream and drink beer without any reactions. These amazing results do not allow me to be completely objective anymore, so you are right if I can come across biased. This again is why I tell people to do their own research.