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Chris24 wrote: You obviously didnt read anything about my research and how oxidation works.

Sure I did! I commented on your “research”, too. Didn’t you read my comments?

I’ll repeat my earlier words here. Note that my words are based on your sources!

Your sources (Jim Humble et al.) state that ClO2 is “specific”. They refer to a source for the alleged specificness of ClO2. Then they continue to state that “specific” means that ClO2 only attacks parasites and bad bacteria, and that it leaves the good bacteria untouched.

Fortunately, I consulted the sources to which Jim Humble et al. refer. My research showed that those sources state something that is quite different from Humble’s statements. To be exact: the sources state that ClO2, due to its moderate oxidation potential, works in a “specific” way. They explain very clearly what they mean by the word “specific”: they mean that ClO2 attacks all biological matter, and that it leaves steel, ceramics, and plastics untouched. Which, by the way, is a very handy property: ClO2 can be used to absolutely sterilise water, while not corroding the water pipe or the water container.

In short, a little research shows that your (Chris24) sources mis-represent the meaning of the word “specific” that is used by their sources. ClO2 attacks all biological matter, alive or dead, good or bad.

Chris24 wrote: We dont need to reach the small intestines. The largest part of candida by far is in the colon.

Many candida forums and websites tell us that candida lives (or: also lives) in the small intestines. Are these sites misinforming us?

Chris24 wrote: The small intestines is an inhospitable place to candida because of bicarbonate and hypochloric acid.

Those chemicals are only present in the very first part of the small intestine tract. They are neutralised very soon by various fluids that are secreted into the small intestines with the very purpose of neutralising bicarbonate and hypochloric acid.

Chris24 wrote: Also, there is no bleach component of mms as I have explained in this topic.

Again, I refer to the words of Jim Humble to which you referred.

Mr. Humble needs many, many words. This deluge of words is like a haystack. Luckily, I was able to find two half needles in this haystack, and put the two halves together to re-create the original needle.

The first half-needle is Mr. Humble’s statement that (wording is mine)

– “ClO2 is not bleach, because it does not bleach.”

The second half-needle is his statement that

– “ClO2 does not bleach because it is too diluted to bleach.”

Putting these two halves together, we arrive at Mr. Humble telling us that ClO2 is a kind of bleach that has been diluted far enough not to have any bleaching effect anymore.

Chris24 wrote: this person has stated to me multiple times on a Dutch forum that he does not believe in candida overgrowth or CRC, a thing to consider when reading his comments.

Ah, attacking the messenger? Thank you! That can only mean that the message is too powerful to be attacked, and therefore you want to avoid at all cost having to deal with the message.

Anyway, please re-read my other postings to which you refer.

I hereby explicitly state that I do believe in candida overgrowth and CRC.

Clear enough?

I do not, however, take anyone’s word for granted. I do my own research. If I see something to which I do not agree, I will tell so, and I will ask questions.

Maybe I’m wrong. If I am, please tell me in a decent way what’s wrong about my thoughts – I mean, why my thoughts are wrong. A simplistic statement like you made above, where you criticise me for no other reason than not agreeing with you 100% beforehand, does not help in improving our understanding. A statement like “Hey people, do not listen to Floggi whatever he has to say” is an attempt at censorship, that will only influence the most gullible, at best.