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Out of literally thousands of posts which I’ve read since joining the forum, this is no doubt one of the most ridiculous, ignorant and potentially dangerous posts to date.

For someone who wrote the following statements on the forum less than a month ago, I don’t think you’ve been following the correct protocol long enough to be telling anyone what will and what won’t work.

YeastMan quote:
“Quit torturing yourselves and start allowing cheese, alcohol and mushrooms into your diet!”

And you wrote the following just yesterday:
“Has anyone tried a no carb diet? Essentially eating only meat and protein for X amount of days…”

That question and statement shows your complete and total lack of knowledge concerning the biological structure of Candida albicans.

Of course this person has the right to post anything he wishes to, but I would like to make everyone aware that this information was posted by someone who is still trying to figure out how to cure his infestation and what’s going to work and what won’t. The person has not been on the correct protocol anywhere near long enough (if at all) to justify his statements.

Everyone is different and will respond differently to certain antifungals. The garlic information posted is a perfect example. More than a few members have reported terrible die-off symptoms from pure garlic which means that the garlic can and does destroy Candida. I know the poster mentioned ‘garlic pills’ but a responsible person would have added information concerning pure garlic, and the single statement is misleading. Will this cure the infestation? No of course not, but neither will any antifungal we can name, but what it can help with is the initial goal when starting the diet; to kill off as many Candida albicans as possible in order to alleviate some of the symptoms that members are suffering from when they join the forum.

IMPORTANT: The test and growth period referred to in the research study which was posted concerning garlic ranged from 2 to 48 hours. Nowhere in our protocol do we suggest stopping the use of a supplement after a total use time of 48 hours or less.

Quote: “Probiotic (4 months+) – No noticeable effect, but may help.”
This is the most ridiculous and ignorant statement on the entire post and shows how limited this person’s knowledge is concerning Candida albicans. Did he bother to post the name, count, or strain of the specific probiotic? Did he bother to give a detailed description of the diet and the protocol he used to accompany the probiotic? Of course not, it never occurred to him that this makes a huge difference in the effectiveness of any one product. In fact, he didn’t do this with any of the supplements he mentioned which only increases the misleading factor of the post.

Quote: “Fiber – Cleans out colon and removes Candida. I should take more of this…”
A terribly misleading statement; fiber is a necessity of a human being’s diet as well as a cleanser but is incapable of removing the Candida overgrowth from the body or curing the infestation; again, very misleading.

This person apparently has no sense of responsibility concerning new members who will misunderstand his statements when taken at face value without detailed explanations as well as other possibilities apart from his personal experience with the products named.