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Floggi;49545 wrote:

Long term candida suffers often experience adrenal fatigue.

Please read the information about adrenal fatigue as provided by the Mayo Clinic and, if you like, the Hormone Health network.

You may not like what they have to say, but I would certainly heed their warnings!

Actually adrenal fatigue is recognized by many of the more enlightened medical professionals.

The problem is the lab tests used to check hormone levels. They use such wide ranges that you really need to be in terrible shape to be considered to have adrenal insufficiency. The truth is that everyone has an *optimal* level for each hormone, and the lab tests fail to recognize this.

Adrenal fatigue usually manifests in lower levels of several different hormones (including cortisol and the sex hormones). Although the levels might not be so low as to trigger a warning from the lab testers, they can still be well below your optimal level. If you’ve ever had hormone testing, you’ll know that some of the ranges are ridiculous (like a range of 1-12 for example), and you can experience a wide range of different energy levels while still sitting well inside those ranges.

Adrenal fatigue generally falls outside of medical practice because sufferers are simply not ill enough for the doctors to care. If you show up with the flu or a broken leg they’ll treat you, but if you tell them you’ve been feeling tired for the last 5 years they’ll likely just tell you to get more sleep.

I hope that helps!