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Vegan Catlady
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Mayanah;52599 wrote: I really hope you are honest about your post. People will naturally try and consider the suggestion that you put up there. How severe was your candida? To get rid of it by just taking garlic for a few weeks seems unrealistic to me; while at the same time eating carbs? The candida population are very vulnerable and some maybe desperate for help and remedies, so please dont post anything up here false or misleading.

Consider that “The Candida Diet” may NOT,indeed,be the ONLY way, but a helpful way that many people used with success.


Low carbing isnt an option for me, because it would require a significant increase in fat and protein, both more dangerous to an unhealthy person than the yeast itself! (before going fungal)

Implying that someone trying to help is being false or misleading is rude at best.

Sharing experiences is a GIFT.

If you dont want the gift, return it….but dont complain to anyone that the gift wasnt the gift you wanted!