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Vegan Catlady
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SugarIsBad;54396 wrote:

Are veggies not filling you up?

I dont eat any meat,eggs or buckwheat, but the veggie variety is pretty good, and I can eat something different every day. I figured maybe you couldnt eat veggies for some reason?

this post might help:

There’s no problem with vegetables, I’ve just never thought of them as a main source of food but rather as just an additive. I’ve never tried eating a lot of them at once so I can’t tell whether they fill me up or not yet. I’ll try and see.


Well I promise you, you can make veggies the main meal and feel satisfied 🙂

Most people’s complaint about veggies are my favorite thing about them-
they dont sit in your system long! You become very “regular” in due time on a mostly veggie diet.

When you eat mostly/all veggie ( I was happiest eating mostly fruit) the fiber cleanses the colon wall, this is something that no meat can do.

Cant hurt to try it 😀