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Katemate3;54535 wrote: But with all those veggies and no meat do you get enough protein ? I mean if we can’t have beans, pulses etc. then where does the protein come from? We aren’t allowed fish either (mercury..)

Not sure who this post is addressed to?

Every food has a profile of carbs/protein/fat.

Every fruit and vegetable has some amount of protein and fat.

You could live on romaine lettuce and still get all the fat and protein you could need,PER calorie requirement. What this means is that as long as you eat ANY fruit and vegetable, to the degree that you get your CALORIES met, you get all the protein you need.

Its a sales-job that meat=protein and veggies=carbs.

I eat NO animal products of any kind and I have plenty of muscle ( I am 108lbs but only 5’1″)

You might get a kick out of this article- by a body-building couple.
They offer a grocery list of the foods they eat to body build…its NOT a candida diet, and yet it is FULL of candida approved foods! No kidding.

Im not saying follow this grocery list, im saying that people without candida can look like THIS while eating salads and fruits all day.
Check em out:

Im sure during competition time they are filling up on beans or vegan protein like peas.
But thats a bit different 😉 Like this hotness here:

” Simple vegetables like kale, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, collards, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and asparagus are loaded with nutrients and fiber and are low in calories.

Though a few plant-based high-protein foods such as tempeh, tofu, almonds, nut butters, seitan, and seeds are staples for many vegan athletes, too many of these foods will pack on the pounds, and not the good kind. But when you have some of the above mentioned foods with a huge serving of broccoli or mixed green salad or sautéed kale, you end up feeling satiated without taking in too many calories. By having veggies around to snack on such as celery sticks, sliced radishes, sliced cucumber, or sliced peppers, you can snack often and eat a large amount of these foods and still drop body fat.” -Eddie Bauer,”SHREDDED ON VEGETABLES”

Who is Ed Bauer:

BTW, after a certain amount of time on The Candida Diet, your allowed to re-introduce some foods. I eat pintos and black beans a few time a week, only because I miss my regular diet of fruit and these offer me lots of carbs.