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Some things that I seem to eat a lot include:

1. I hard-boil eggs, and just eat the whites mixed in with the apple cider vinegar mustard, some seasonings (garlic powder, onion powder, paprika). I can’t tolerate the yolks a lot. I do scramble a whole egg every once in awhile.
2. Not plain regular yogurt, but I found out of all the milk products out there. I can eat plain goat yogurt. Then, I put like cinnamon, nutmeg, all-spice, etc. on top. Maybe some stevia mixed in for a little sweetness.
3. Loving my home-made granola made from oat bran, millet, buckwheat flours.
4. Buckwheat/or millet crackers; buckwheat bread all adapted by me.
5. Pre-made salad mixes I make for the week with various seasonings and veggies (cabbage, spinach, lettuce, cucumbers, radishes, etc. with olive oil, lemon juice)
6. Various veggies I love (green beans, cucumbers, asparagus, zucchini make kale chips)
7. Veggie juices
8. Some meats I eat every once in awhile during the week (chicken, applegate organic turkey, salmon)
9. Oh, make some great soups with asparagus and green beans.

I don’t know, various things like that, I started liking pumpkin a lot. I have been trying to mix it up because I have to because I know if I become in a rut with some things, then I can get a leaky gut reaction.