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HealMyGuts wrote: At my local supermarket they have a product called Stevia in the Raw which is made by the same people that make Sugar in the Raw. I picked up a bag of this, which is equivalent to 5 lbs. of sugar, for just over $8.

EDIT: It turns out that Stevia in the Raw contains maltodextrin. This is a starch based powder made from glucose molecules. This is not ok on the Candida Diet. I guess I should have read the label a little closer.

It tastes exactly like Equal brand sweetener. I tried to use it to bake some cookies out of almond flour last night, but I found the taste of the stevia to be awful.

I used Xylitol in the past. Though I have never used it for baking, I highly prefer the taste of Xylitol to that of stevia. Xylitol tastes like sugar only not as sweet. Stevia tastes like sweetener. As far as I know, both of these sweeteners are safe on the Cadida Diet.

As it so happens, Sugar in the Raw is what is called “turbinado sugar.” Turbinado sugar is a close cousin to Demerara Sugar. These are both derived from the first pressings of sugar canes, but are less processed than refined sugar. They contain slightly fewer calories than refined sugar and are thought to have a slightly reduced impact on blood glucose and insulin levels.

Personally, I would still avoid Demerara and Turbinado on the Candida Diet. They are still made from sugar cane, and it’s hard enough to stop Candida without ANY sugar, let alone any kind of “not so bad” sugars.

Thank you for the update! You are thoughtful!