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getwell wrote: @burmamom, happy to hear you are getting better! Demrara sugar is regular unprocessed sugar, I will keep it to a bare minimum – Xylitol & Stevia are your best options 🙂
Also a major FLAW on this website claims Candida prefers an ACIDIC environment – absolutely NOT – it prefers an Alkali one! that’s a big stupid misconception on line, it’s what happens when random “know it all” simply copy/past from one another…
Here is a great place to get accurate information, they don’t try to sell you a bunch of useless stuff either…
check out the forum as well –

Thank you for you advice! So far I’ve done really really well with the demerara. You’re right about the alkali! I was told that the day I was told to go on the diet. I’ve been on the diet since November and it’s been really good so far!