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has he? Ill see if I can find it 😑


Able: “The problem with sparkling water is that it’s carbonated, this means that carbon dioxide gas was dissolved in the liquid. Carbon dioxide is a waste product, in other words just another toxin for the liver to deal with in addition to all the toxins the Candida releases. In addition, when mixed with water carbon dioxide gas forms carbonic acid which depletes minerals from the teeth and bones.”

so it taxes the body but doesnt directly affect the candida? If the above is correct- at any one’s own discretion, one of those sodas would be ok if we’re craving it? As in, one a week, maybe two? ’cause Ive been trying for something super tastey/sweet, but I think my 2 spoons of Almond butter a day is just making my candida worse πŸ™