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As we grow up we become products of our parents, programmed to see the world as they do, hear it as they hear it and feel it as they feel it. We learn coping skills of always focusing on the past and future, completely avoiding the present. Candida, aids as a smoke screen perpetuating our inability to stay present.
According to Karol Truman and Feelings Burred Alive Never Die, candida overgrowths are secondary to: -begins with doubting self, resentment multiplying on the inside, inability to claim ones own power, unresolved negative feelings, continually blaming others, inability to let go of past, allowing the past to dictate the present and holding onto old concepts Where you get it?
If we look at it from a Chinese Medicine perspective:
Mouth: flower for the SP/ST (over-thinking, worry, lack of sympathy/empathy)- muscles
Nose: flower of the LU/LI (sadness/grief, not being able to let go physically and emotionally, righteousness, disorder)- skin
Tongue: flower for the HT/SI (arrogance, impatience, over joy, lack of peace and intuition (trust in self))- blood vessels
Sex organs: fear, lack of fluidity, not living ones legacy, lack of sense of self and direction
Ears: flowers for the KD/UB (fear, lack of fluidity and willpower) -bones
Eyes: flower for the LV/GB (mental activity, nerves and anger)- nerves and nails
Why we might benefit from it?
Everything in life, whether we want to believe it or not, teaches us a lesson, meaning along with the good, the bad experiences we endure each have meaningful purpose. We as humans have our “ego” that allows us to avoid and escape our own realities due to our many fears (intimacy, owned belief of self worth, etc.). This creates the spiritual wounded human being that over time starts to develop muscle tension in all bodies. In order to escape this pain, we anesthetize (intoxicate) oneself… we live in a drunken stupor. This is how our body benefits from Candida! It teaches us the pieces and parts we need to heal and do not want to heal.
How to treat it?
From my perspective, most people’s candida overgrowths are secondary from a fear…a programmed fear, a co-dependency fear or a fear or oneself. The questions we have to ask ourselves each day when we see, feel, hear, smell, and taste reality, when we judge others and self, whose thoughts or fears are they really? There are always 3 truths in life, your mothers, your fathers and YOURS! In order to figure out why you have candida, you must begin to realize YOUR truths!