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Chlofloso wrote: I don’t know about salty recipes with rhubarb, but I had rhubarb yesterday for dinner in the form of a pie with buckwheat flour. For the dough, I mixed buckwheat flour with water and salt, made a dough out of it and then spread it like a pizza dough (which was tricky). Instead of chopped hazelnuts I put some oat bran on the dough. Then I cut the rhubarb and put it on top of the oat bran, and finally I poured a mixture of kefir, two eggs, two tablespoons of buckwheat flour (to bind), vanilla, cinnamon, and ginger over the pie and baked it in the oven. I make it without stevia but if you want it sweet, you can add that to the mixture.
The taste is different than normal pie because of the buckwheat flour, but I still loved it.

I remember once making coconut/buckwheat bread muffins with rhubarb, stevia and lemon juice, and they came out really well, so once you can tolerate coconut flour you could try that…


Thanks Chloe! Now, this can be made as a salty version so that I have a lunch ha-ha. I am not craving much for sweets but more struggling with a good lunch/dinner 🙂

I don’t have stevia or any allowed sweeteners here so I gave up on that idea anyway 🙂

Thanks again!