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Completely agree with Raster, you just need to have some self-discipline at the moment.

I, like you used to go to the gym A LOT. This time last year I was getting over my IBS symptoms by having a good diet, and weightlifting 4 times a week. I generally feel my health was at an all time high, and I was 77kg. I had to have surgery to remove an abcess, which failed and caused me 8 rounds of antibiotics, and no gym. I never knew the side effects and BOOM, I now have all the digestive issues.

Fast forward to now, still no gym for a year, and I’ve been losing weight due to the candida. I’m now around 57kg.
It is killing me that I can’t go to the gym, but I don’t let it get to me. I need to build up my strength first to combat the bugs, repair my leaky gut and then do some light weights around september/october as I can have more foods whilst on the protocol. That’s my plan.

I tolerate what I’m going through, because in order to get better, you have to get through the worst.

Just think, it will get better for you.