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raster;60428 wrote: Basically I was real ill and I noticed I felt way better not at my apartment so I moved out. I had seizures in my sleep as my big symptom. What happens is the candida feeds on the mold you inhale and consume and multiplies. I had major anxiety and food sensitivities. What I later realized is that most of my symptoms are directly related to histamine levels (look those up). So I took a ton of antifungals because I wanted to get over this quick and that made it worse for me and it took a few months to detox. Don’t do anything too quickly is my advice.

You likely would get better with allergy shots and you can get candida allergy shots too. This might be the easiest and effective way to get better. But keep in mind you still have to repair your body and the shots don’t do this.

I’m still not better, after 3 years you get sick of the diet and want to cheat. I can do the diet 6 days a week but I have to have a cheat meal which is my big problem now.

I basically had liver symptoms, histamine/allergy symptoms, seizures, and poor blood circulation symptoms.


Thanks for explaining the correlation between mold poisoning and candida. I never quite understood how being exposed to mold affected one’s candida growth. But what you said makes sense.

I have an appointment with an allergist later this month so I will ask her about the allergy shots.

You said you’re not better after 3 years? Yikes. That’s very disheartening to here. Are your symptoms at least improved? Seems we are in the same boat but with different symptoms. Mine are more neurological. Although I have notice a lot more outbreaks with my eczema (which I had under control for the past few years) and I also seem to be getting fungal infections like ring worms on my arm that has not healed for a few months even with medication. It’s like my immune system is badly compromised. But the most difficult thing like I mentioned is the brain fog. It’s just hard to live a normal functioning life now. I stay indoors a lot more now and my social life is suffering.

Yeah I’ve only been on this diet for not even a week but I’m already getting cravings. I can’t imagine keeping this up for 3 years. What happens when you eat a cheat meal? Is the reaction immediate or the next day?

I wonder if I already had an underlying fungal problem before I even got exposed to mold. I’ve been experiencing really bad sharp pain in my lower left flank and back (kidney?). I’ve had a cat scan and endoscopy done which both came back negative. Now I wonder if all along it’s been some kind of fungal issue.