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You mean recent symptoms? I normally ever since ever have had stomach noises, very loud ones at times and its mainly the continuous flatulence part that is driving me nuts. There is a rollercoaster ride in my intestines everytime especially after meals where gas escapes uncontrollably and gives a slight burning sensation down there. Also recently but before trying the candida thing, i had and probably still have anal fissure or something similar. And my stools are not consistent, but usually the are the broken pieces and no complete evacuation as I still feel there is more inside me.

The thorne and black walnut/chome rose I dont think i can find right now, and I think there are laws here that prevent me from ordering stuff like that online but not sure will have to ask. If garlic is good alternatives I can just use that in the meantime, but how could it be better than the one Im already taking? Its just garlic? The HCL is in some other digestive enzymes here, I could try them as well.

I havent followed a candida diet yet, just gluten free and thats about it. My normal meals mostly consist of oatmeal, toast sometimes yeast free sometimes not, cheese, turkey, sausages, chicken, pasta, rice, beans, spinach, fennel, etc I dont make the food so i cant really say whats in them or whats used. Fruits, mainly bananas, apples, blueberries, strawberries, grapes, cherries. I havent eaten eggs in a long while and mainly use rice milk. Also I recently stopped yogurt much to my dismay. And I use honey as a sweetener like for tea, I know its not good but cant be too bad.