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Wow so many similar symptoms! I have a sore tongue which my dentist first noticed 6 months ago as it had red patches on which makes it feel like my tongue has been burned. It has a white plaque on the end each morning which can be wiped off. I have tried topical creams, my doc has given me nystatin which worked a bit but don’t think the course of treatment was long enough, now I’m on another anti-fungal treatment for 2 weeks. I suffer with headaches, stomach pains, bruxism, I seem to get confused really easily and so forgetful! I’ve had ridiculous amounts of antibiotics over the years. I was diagnosed with IBS at 21, I’m now 39. I have suffered with vaginal thrush on and off for years but now seem to have oral thrush too. Basically I just never feel ‘well’.

I tried the spit test and lo and behold my spit had legs! I must admit to often eating too many sugary foods and I do like my wine so have decided I really need to do this detox I’ve been reading about. I’m trying to introduce a yeast free diet gradually so that in a couple of weeks when i start the detox it wont be so much of a shock to me. I’m cutting down on caffeine already and wine and the sugary foods. Drinking lots of water and herbal tea. Also having at least one meal a day that is free of the evil yeast. Eventually I will work up to cutting it out altogether.