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Um if you look at most candida diets out there they do contain junk food items…you won’t find a single naturopath out there that says to do a very restricted diet like the one we have on the forum.

Molybdenum is a chelator and you use it only for die-off. If you are over die-off you don’t need to take it any more…it’s only meant to be taken short term. They are likely right that you don’t need to take it further.

Digestive enzymes are widely promoted and used by doctors and naturopaths to treat yeast overgrowth and help destroy biofilms, help you get energy out of the food you eat, and reduce inflammation. They bring great benefit because almost all candida sufferers do not absorb their food correctly, do not break down their food correctly, and most of all are deficient in digestive enzymes. This is why you feel better after taking them…

Juicing can bring great benefit because it’ll allow you to give your digestive system a break for awhile and will help detox the toxins. It’ll also help you remineralize the body, replacing the bad minerals with good minerals. It’ll help balance your pH as well.

Each person has specific supplements that they should take to address their specific health problems so if they are suggesting stuff that we haven’t recommended, there likely is a reason for this because they are treating your various health conditions and not just candida. We are not doctors here on the forum and we don’t know how to treat your health problems.

What was on their food list that was so bad?