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Ya you don’t have to buy their supplements, just get it the first time from them and then get it online every time afterwards or when you run out. Sometimes they get the wholesale prices and its the same price. Supplements are expensive though…could add up.

I’d explain to them about you having leaky gut and might not be able to tolerate some of their food suggestions and they should understand. I have a feeling they will promote eating vegetables mostly, this is where its at!

Well there can be drawbacks to certain herbs such as marshmallow root so maybe they are right. It’d be interesting to see what they say about it but some doctors feel that herbs should not be taken long term.

I have a feeling they will address your liver early on and this should help clear up your skin problems. If you clear it up, then your body will be able to detox properly. If you don’t detox properly, then it’ll build up in the body and you will have to detox via other methods such as via the skin and via the lungs.