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humphrey wrote: Try to indulge in other social activities…This will help you to get rid of your appetite of eating too much.

You can’t get rid of the hunger until the Candida population has been reduced to a large degree or unless the treatment is stopped. The hunger isn’t actually ours — it belongs to the Candida; the person is doing the cleanse which means avoiding food that will feed the critters. Read the forum, especially the post below to learn a few things about the infestation and Candida in general.
What’s with the Hunger?

Do exercise everyday which can help you to lose weight in an easy way.

Why would this person want to lose weight “the easy way” when they’re also going to be losing it the hard way? It’s not like there’s a choice of how to lose weight when a person is on a Candida diet.

And the poster also doesn’t need to do exercise, especially if it’s strenuous enough to cause weight loss because … guess what, there’s a Candida infestation to deal with which means the immune system is probably weak in which case there’s the need for more rest, not more exercise. Exercise which is strenuous enough to cause weight loss is for the healthy, not for people with an illness which is accompanied by a weakened immune system.

Please read the posts on the forum so that we don’t have to spend our time correcting your posts.