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Ive lost about 10 pounds also and Im pretty sure it wasnt anything i really needed.
Im starting to look ripped and see some 6-pack abs with very light work out.
I have been studying and training to become a personal trainer and this f-ing Candida episode has made that very hard, when you can’t look someone in the eye and talk like a normal person how can you help them achieve their fitness goals? Anyway, I used to work out everyday for 2 hours and could never seems to lose my gut, about 10 lbs of fat around my mid section. Things are looking good now and about a week into the diet guess what…my stomach went flat as it should be and its even starting to go inward. i haven’t been able to suck my gut in, in several years because the Candida growth in my stomach was blocking anything from less than an ugly bulge.
SO Happy! If you have enough energy try lifting weights 3 times a week for maintenance and add extra weight to add muscle, it also helps the bones get and retain their strength and density.(we all need that as our diet has been poor and our bones regrow over the course of 10 years)
My educated guess is that weight lose due to this diet is water, visceral fat that holds toxins and since your glands are working good again they should start to turn down the cortisol production and lower the stress hormone. You should be able to fill in the gaps with muscle pretty easily.