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Thank you all for your response.

As far as the bulge, I can actually commend on that, but my comes when I feel lots of pressure, gas, constipated, and I can’t get anything out. Do you have that problem sometimes?

I do have these issues, but not to a great extent, after I started taking probiotics things have been much better in this regard, specially when I take human micro flora probiotics in rotation.

The bulge came 12 years ago when I had a huge ovarian cyst, and then did not go even after the surgery to remove the cyst. But since I now realize that I had candida even before that, thus, I am relating the two (besides the articles on the net). Besides, before that my abdomen was always flat, I was never very thin, but not overweight, since I was into sports (which I had to leave due to health issues). Still I continued with Hatha Yoga and 30 minutes walking to keep myself fit, but the bulge doesn’t disappear. A noteworthy fact would be I guess that it immediately reduces after I take enema, but doesn’t disappear.

But as alexalgebra said the main concern is definitely to heal, but I had been concerned after reading the weight loss problems here. And the bulge…had not seen anyone writing about it so am concerned.

And I just hope the body gets back to its normal weight as it heals.