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I have had candida for a number of years and two years ago I suddenly put on over 3 1/2 stone and at the time could see no reason for it as my diet had not changed, nor had my exercise routine.

At the time I had started having the pill injection and put it down to this, so I stopped it and hoped that over a year the weight would drop off as it worked its way out of my system.

Well, it didn’t and I was utterly miserable. I tried dieting and lots of exercise but couldn’t shift more than a few pounds. I had to endure ‘helpful’ comments from my family about weight which only upset me more. I was frustrated and at my wits end about it.

Then I started researching and realised that I had candida. My candida registers as stomach problems and a thick coating on my tongue so it was quite obvious.

Well, I started on the candida diet and the weight started dropping off. I have lost 40 pounds so far! I must admit I have not been as strict with it and due to social committments I have had a few days where I have fallen off the wagon. When I do this I have noticed that my weight will start creeping back on and my tongue is worse. However, I usually go back to the cleanse (not 100% probably more like 80%) and my symptoms are under control within a few days.

I have now realised that I probably can’t refer to this as a ‘diet’, in some form it will need to be a way of life for me. I have the added issue of being vegetarian with a dairy and egg intolerance so essentially I am vegan. This is difficult but I have become very creative with food and the benefits of how well I feel when I am eating correctly far outweigh any feelings of deprivation.

I did think that I would miss alcohol the most, but within a few weeks of being on the diet I had no cravings for any sweet stuff or alcohol. I don’t really like alcohol anymore and am very reluctant to drink, choosing to drive most of the time.