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Able900 wrote:

suddenly on Thursday afternoon I became really, really ill again.
I added SF722 to my diet the night before, plus ate some rutabaga.

Samm, did you read my recent post on the use on rutabagas? This vegetable can make you sicker than you’ve ever been in your life. You had a double-whammy shot of antifungals with SF722 and rutabaga combined.

Forum members for the most part are not taking antifungals and what they can do to you seriously, and that’s a big mistake as you experienced.

It was the toxins from dying Candida that made you so sick, not living Candida.


Grrrr!! Is it still normal for my stomach to be out of sync now seeing as it is Monday? Shall I give it a few more days on my normal diet and see what happens?

Cheers Able.